Your Guide to 90 Point Wines

Wines are generally rated based on a 100 point scale. The focus is not so much on price as it is on taste, bouquet, and general quality. This means that even wines that are modestly priced may qualify for a higher rating. In fact, it’s possible to shop wine options and come up with something that has a rating of 90 or more and happens to cost less than $20.00. Here are some examples of wines in various price ranges and how they could be ideal for different occasions.

90 Point Wines Under $20.00

The fact that there isn’t a lot of money to spend on wine does not mean one has to settle for swill. Choosing a wine that will work just fine for a meal or for some other type of event is not as hard as one may think. When there is the need to keep the cost somewhat modest, consider going with something like a Franciscan Estate Chardonnay 2014. One of the best Napa Valley wines, this option is a light color that provides hints of pear and lemon matched with spices that help to enhance rather than mask the flavour. As a table wine or something to enjoy during a more casual get together, this one is hard to beat.

90 Point Wines Between $20.00 and $40.00

When there’s a little more money to spend per bottle, the options for 90+ point wines will increase. One way to go is enjoy one of the wines produced in Spain. An excellent choice is Alvaro Palacios 2012 Les Terrasses Red. The best word to describe this red wine is bold. The flavour brings to mind the taste of cherries, plums, and cassis that provide a warm sensation and have something of an earthy taste. It’s easy to imagine an intimate gathering of friends around a roaring fire as they enjoy watching the flames and sipping away with this treasure.

90 Point Wines over $40.00

With more money to spend, why not indulge in a French wine? An excellent selection is the Bollinger Brut Special Cuvee. A non-vintage wine hailing from Champagne, this sparkling wine provides the scent and taste of a mixture of dark grapes while maintaining a golden colour that you and your guests will find appealing. The hint of rich spices to enhance the taste of the grapes makes this all the more of a treat. Along with the taste of fruit, be prepared for something that brings to mind the taste of walnuts. You’ll find this wine works especially well when serving fish, chicken, shrimp, and any kind of white meat. When the offerings at a casual gathering include nuts like cashews, or Parmesan encrusted nibbles, this wine will be perfect.

When you buy liquor, remember that the cost is not always the deciding factor. Take the time to learn more about wines in different price ranges and what they have to offer. It won’t take long to find something that’s ideal for your event and also kind to your wallet.

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