90 Point Wine on a Budget: Drink Like Royalty with These 5 Picks

There’s something special about sharing a glass of wine with a friend or that someone special. You love the finer things in life, but your budget doesn’t always allow you to go for the pricier wines. Even so, there are a number of 90 point wine choices that provide all that you could want and happen to be kinder to the wallet. Here are five examples to consider.

90 Point Wine on a Budget: Drink Like Royalty with These 5 Picks

2015 El Castro de Valtuille Jove

An offering from the Bodegas Castro Ventosa vineyard in the Bierzo region of Spain, this wonderful red wine includes blends that are satisfying to the taste thanks to the texture, amount of acidity, and the balanced hint of citrus. Fermented in stainless steel and then aged oak vats, the result is a wine that is so smooth that the glass will be empty before you know it. Best of all, this wine comes with a price per bottle that will surprise you in a good way.

2013 California Cabaret Sauvignon

The experts at the Avalon Winery in California know what it takes to create wine with a sweetness that is neither cloying or overpowering. Instead, the unique blend of ripe plums, black cherries, raspberries and the ideal mix of dried herbs is subtle enough to please the most discriminating taste. With an aroma that is sure to please, this wine selection pairs with all sorts of foods, making perfect for serving with a meal or as part of an afternoon treat. From a dinner with red meat and roasted vegetables to a quiet evening by the fire with bread and cheese, this one is sure to please.

2015 Albirano

For those who enjoy a lighter wine, this option is one that should not be missed. As with the othe offerings, the price per bottle is modest in comparison to wines of similar quality. Offered by the Raimat winery in the Costers del Segre region of Spain, think lime and green apples as you enjoy the aroma and the taste of this wine. This Albirano works well with fish or any other type of white meat. As a late evening treat, pair it with soft cheese and just about any bread that you like.

Prosecco Jeio Colmei Superiore Extra Dry

Wines from the Veneto region of Italy are bound to be worth consideration and this one is no exception. A product of the Bisol winery, this modest price per bottle tells nothing about the quality of what is found within. This sparkling wine has a musky bouquet that is enhanced with hint of Asian pear. The balance between sweet and tart makes it just right for serving with cured meats, fish, or white meats. Looking for something to enjoy with a little bread and cheese? Look no further. This wine will be just what you want.

Cava Anna de Codorniu Brut NV

While this particular wine may be among the most modestly priced on the list, it holds it own against wines that cost far more per bottle. Produced by the Codorníu in the Penedès range of Spain, the wine is aged for a minimum of 15 months on lees. The result is a bubbly wine that sports a beautiful yellow with hints of green here and there. Those who enjoy a bouquet of citrus will begin enjoying the wine even before the first sip. Once on the lips, the slightly creamy texture paired with the pleasant blend of fruits will linger nicely on the taste buds. Pair the wine with white or cured meats, fish, breads of just about any type, and your favorite cheese. You won’t be disappointed.

Enjoying excellent wine does not have to break the budget. When you buy wine in Calgary, give one or more of these a try. You may find a couple of new favorites to have on hand when friends come to call.

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