$12.95/Bottle, “Best Buy”, (Wine Enthusiast). Isaac Fernandez’s Legado do Moncayo Is Most Likely Our Best Deal On Wine.

If you are looking for a delicious wine at a price much lower than one could possibly expect, the Legado del Moncayo is the one.


Best Buy – Wine Enthusiast, Dec 2016

Bottle Price : $12.95

Case Price : $155.40

Winery : Isaac Fernandez Selección

Wine Region : Campo de Borja (Spain)

Bottle Per Case : 12 x 750 ml

Food Pairing : Breads, Cured Meat, Hard Cheese, Red Meat, Roasted Vegetables

Assertive red berry liqueur and floral pastille aromas are complicated by allspice and white pepper. Sweet, seamless and pure, offering vibrant raspberry and cherry flavors sharpened by a zesty mineral flourish. Combines power and finesse deftly, finishing with very good persistence and supple, slow-building tannins.

Isaac Fernandez, (pictured above with me beside him), is a winemaking genius! Having a little guidance from his uncle Mariano Garcia, former winemaker at Vega Sicilia can only help. In case you were wondering, this picture was taken in Ribera Sacra a couple of months back.

It is not an easy task to find wine this dependably good at $12.95/bottle. Spain produces all sorts of great wine at really low prices, but this is getting ridiculous.

The Legado del Moncayo is another one of those wines that while we do our absolute best to ensure that there is stock available it is sold out 90% of the time. There is stock in the warehouse now, but it is not likely to be there long as clients order this wine a few cases at a time. We have a lot of this wine en route, so if you don’t order quickly enough to get the wine that is in stock, more is not too far off and you may just want to reserve a case or 3.

It is hard to resist a great deal. When it comes to Pinot Grigio Fontamara has found a way to offer a very nice little treat at a price that is pretty easy to stomach. At $12.95 bottle, you will be hard pressed to find anything comparable here in Ontario. This is a great house white for the Spring and Summer. There is plenty in stock, so don’t be shy.

Ahh bubbly. It is hard to imagine that you could find a better way to start any evening than with a glass of bubbly. It seems to put everyone in to a very nice mood and just sets the right tone. The Nua Brut delivers a whole lot of wine for an eency, weency price tag. This is another one of those wines where you will be hard pressed to find anything close to this quality at this price.

We are in to the last week of April and it is not the prettiest day outside. As they say, “April showers, bring May flowers.” Let’s take advantage of this time and ensure we have the right wines around when it comes time to enjoy those May flowers.

Have a great day!


Bottle Price : $12.95

Case Price : $155.40

Winery : Fontamara

Wine Region : Abruzzo (Italy), Italy (Italy)

Bottle Per Case : 12 x 750 ml

Food Pairing : Breads, Cured Meat, Rich Fish, Soft Cheese, Vegetables, White Meat


Bottle shape is new

Bottle Price : $13.95

Case Price : $167.40

Winery : Nua

Wine Region : Italy (Italy), Veneto (Italy)

Bottle Per Case : 12 x 750 ml

Food Pairing : Breads, Cured Meat, Rich Fish, Soft Cheese, White Meat

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