Sancerre For Spring! Summer Too. 93 Points. Gold Medal. Roblin’s 2015 Sancerre Origine.

The quality of the 2015 Sancerre’s is through the roof. Sancerre may very well be the most refreshing wines out there.


93 points – Wine & Spirits Magazine, April 2017
Gold Medal – Concours de Ligers 2016

Bottle Price : $34.95

Case Price : $419.40

Winery : Domaine Roblin

Wine Region : France (France), Loire (France)

Bottle Per Case : 12 x 750 ml

Food Pairing : Breads, Cured Meat, Rich Fish, Soft Cheese, White Meat

“Brothers Matthias and Emile are the fourth generation to run this estate based at the Château de Maimbray. Their parcels for Origine, like most of their vines, grow in terres blanches—Kimmeridgean limestone soils—producing a wine that’s almost tropical in its ripeness, while holding clean and pristinely fresh along a straight mineral line. The acidity is integrated into the fruit richness, with papaya, yellow citrus and passion fruit flavors zipped up tight, so the wine is mouthwatering.”

I find it difficult not to think about Sancerre as the perfect wine for Spring or Summer. It is true that many of us can not afford to pull the cork on $35 bottles for every occasion, but when sitting on a patio surrounded by people you like and perhaps some nice food, it is hard to find a reason not to pull the cork from one of these great bottles.

2015 was a great vintage for wine regions over most of Western Europe. The Loire was one of the few regions where the harvest was not robust. This was due to a heavy frost late in the Spring resulting in a short crop for most producers including Roblin. If you have noticed a shortage of Sancerre on shelves recently, this is why. The upside to this, if there is one, would be that the bottles that we do get have more concentration. There is more expressive fruit and the depth of mineral and the length of the wines is superb.

I am going on an amazing Spring and Summer wine from France kick today. After all, it is hard to suggest that the French are not the best at this. From Burgundy, to the Loire, to Provence, they continue to do amazing things.

Yes, we finally have some Chablis in stock from Bouchard. The 2014 Chablis Vieilles Vignes has just been released, is drinking beautifully, and is a wine you really do not want to miss out on. It is fatter in style than the Sancerre, but all in all, this is the perfect bottle with a piece of fish or chicken off the BBQ.

Now for Rose. Though La Suffrene’s 2016 Bandol Rose has not yet been released, this is a wine that deserves to be reserved. Bandol is considered to be the best terroir in Provence for Rose and it would be hard to argue against this point. The good ones have depth, spice and mineral that are the envy of every Rose producer there is. Just so you know La Suffrene, is considered to be one of the best in Bandol.

I can’t help but go on a little rant about Rose as someone that has always loved it. Rose is finally starting to catch on outside of France. In the South of France when it is warm, it is hard to walk by a table without seeing a nice bottle of Rose. This has not been the case in North America and much of the rest of the world until very recently. People are starting to catch on! All i can say is, ENJOY!

Seems like there is a short reprieve from the rain today. I do suggest you get out there and soak up some of that sunshine, but don’t forget to order up a case or 3 of warm weather wines for the sunny days ahead.

Enjoy the day!


Bottle Price : $29.95

Case Price : $359.40

Winery : Domaine Pascal Bouchard

Wine Region : Chablis (France), France (France)

Bottle Per Case : 12 x 750 ml

Food Pairing : Breads, Cured Meat, Rich Fish, Soft Cheese, White Meat


Bottle Price : $34.95

Case Price : $419.40

Winery : Domaine La Suffrene

Wine Region : France (France), Provence (France)

Bottle Per Case : 12 x 750 ml

Food Pairing : Breads, Cured Meat, Rich Fish, Soft Cheese, White Meat

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