Wine University 4: Why buy wine by the case?

Founder of Wine Online Aaron Bick states, “If you’re a lover of wine and are interested in learning about wine or a particular wine, owning a case of wine really is the only way to go.”

Winemaker Emanuela Bolla of Fratelli Borgogno adds, “when you buy a case of wine, you can taste the wine in different times of the day making it possible to understand the wine, the terroir and also the family or winemaker that makes the wine.”

Winemakers Michael and Johannes Gross of Gross Wines couldn’t say it more perfectly. “It’s like meeting a new friend. When you see them for the first time, your first impression is that you like them. But ultimately you need two or three times for you to get into this person. It’s the same with wine.”

Founder of Wine Online Aaron Bick adds, “drinking one bottle of a given wine is never going to give you understanding of that wine or how it was made, the people who made it or the region the wine comes from. Wine is going to taste different as it ages.

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