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The Rising Popularity Of White Wines

White wines haven’t always received the same notoriety and widespread attention that reds have, however the trend towards white wine is only solidifying – and not just for seasonal sipping during the summer months. Sauvignon Blanc for example, with its notes of green bell pepper and fresh cut grass, coupled with its balanced acidity, can cut through hard cheeses and heartier meals as early autumn begins rolling in. Bordeaux white specifically, which is typically and blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon grapes, can pair with some roasted and BBQed meats as well as any Syrah or Malbec.

For those who find certain whites to be too dry and earthy for their tastes, cooler weather can inspire these connoisseurs to pick out a bottle of oaked chardonnay for its rich woody and vanilla flavour profile, which is bold enough to compliment a steak dinner. Alternatively, try some of the below blends available through online retailer — this retailer offers a vast selection of complex whites that are high in quality for an affordable price. When you buy white wine online you have access to a larger selection of top-tier vintages, and your order will be at your door typically within 1-4 days, allowing you to enjoy rare bottles you might not find at your local LCBO.

The Astobiza Single Vineyard for example by Bodegas Astobiza (vintage 2016) from the Alava region in Spain is a 94-point bottle available for only $21.95. It’s clean, bright, medium-bodied and perfect for the end of the summer. It offers intense varietal aromas with overtones of pear and apple, grapefruit and peach. On the palate it is lively, balanced, and long, with a continuing mineral finish. It’s also a blend of Hondarabbi Zuri grapes, a staple for Spain’s Basque country. Serve with seafood hors d’oeurves out on the patio on a cool August evening.

For a special occasion, treat yourself to something from California’s North Coast, like the Sauvignon Blanc Napa/Sonoma, vintage 2015 by Spottswoode. It is an interesting and complex choice with an oaked wood presence. It is vibrant on the nose offering the freshness of pineapple, lemon, aromatic herbs, grass, anise and peppermint. This only compliments its fine grip of flavours consisting of white peach, green melon and cassis bud. This 91-points bottle finishes dry with good length.

One of the most intricate white wine choices however is the Clos des Lunes D’Argent Bordeaux Blanc by Domaine de Chevalier from France, vintage 2014. This 93-point bottle gives drinkers a blast of freshly-baked shortbread, yellow apple, fennel, plum and white peach flavours. It is perfectly elegant for the fall, and an excellent choice to pair with an extravagant Thanksgiving meal as well.

The trend toward white wines is growing because winemakers are presently creating blends that are sophisticated and multi-faceted, offering wine drinkers an experience for their dollar’s worth. If you’re looking to try a white that packs a punch of flavour, consider ordering one of the above selections online or some other bottle you wouldn’t be able to find in stores to usher in the new season.

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