Best wine cork craft ideas we have seen so fare

Do simply trow your empty wine bottles? If you have doing so all this while, well you will regret to know that wine bottle and its cork can become great sources of decor or DIYs. Yes, believe it or not wine corks can become beautiful craft items. Also, they are super easy to work with and you don’t need to be craftsmen for this. All you need is a  few simple art supplies and you are good to go.

Let’s get crafty!

1. Butter knives

Butter knives

2. Diy cork board

Diy cork board

3. Cork Ball Decoration

Cork Ball Decoration

4. Wine cork bath mat

 Wine cork bath mat

This bath mat requires just three materials: shelf liner, hot glue, and corks.

Get full instructions here.

5. Diy wine cork letters

Diy wine cork letters

6. Headphone  cork gadget

Headphone cork gadget

8. Trivet cork

Trivet cork

9. Cork Magnets

Cork Magnets
Cork Magnets

This magnet  requires just this following materials: succulent cuttings, craft knife, hot glue, magnets and soil.

Get full instructions here.

10. Wine cork keychains

Wine cork keychains

11. Mini stamps

Mini stamps

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