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Mistake: Debunked Storing Wine in the Kitchen

Even if you’ve been drinking wine for a while, chances are you’ve fallen for some of wine’s myths, or found yourself making some mistakes once or twice. After all, they’re so common!

The Fix: Move it, stat.“The kitchen gets hot — this ruins wine,” says Szabina Sipos, sommelier for the fine dining restaurant Palo onboard the Disney Dream cruise ship.

Many wine lovers think the kitchen is the logical place to keep their wines — above the fridge, in the cabinet, etc. But the volatility of the temperature and humidity can damage your valuable bottles of vino.

This was this sommeliers #1 tip and among what she noted to be the most common mistakes for wine drinkers, so gather up those bottles and get them somewhere cool and dark.

So remember, you have to keep it cool, but not too cool. Steady as she goes, turn the lights off, don’t sweat the humidity. See things sideways,  Not a whole lot of shaking. The opposite of this photo…
If you haven’t been blessed with a cool, not-too-damp basement that can double as a cellar, you can improvise with some simple racks in a safe place. Rule out your kitchen, laundry room or boiler room, where hot temperatures could affect your wines, and look for a location not directly in line with light pouring in from a window.

However, we understand that its still practical to have his bottles to hand in the kitchen, so one solution is to invest in a wine cellar.

Thinking about buying a Wine Cooler ?

Keeping wine stored at the optimum temperature is essential in allowing the aging process to successfully take place. A wine fridge or cooler will keep your wine drinkable for a much longer period of time and will even improve the taste of many wines. We advise you the Freestanding wine cooler (winery) with its modern design, and 24 bottles capacity. Storage of red, white, or sparkling wine.

Where to find this wine cooler?
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