How to Make a Perfect Moscow Mule

Today we are excited to share our yummy Moscow Mule cocktail recipe that is super easy to make!

You only need three ingredients: Lime, Ginger Beer, and an excellent Vodka!! Who ever knew something that was so tasty only contained 3 ingredients and is so easy to make! Now you know; and now it is time to impress your friends with this simple classic cocktail.

Is there really a difference between vodkas?

Portland Potato Vodka by Eastside Distilling NV

As you know, there are thousands of vodka brands available, including the big names like Absolut or Grey Goose for example. There are also many small distilleries that create interesting small-batch and boutique vodkas and many of these use experimental ingredients and methods.

Every vodka within the category will have its own characteristics, which would be largely attributed to the raw materials used to make the spirit or even the process used while distilling the spirit.

Eastside Distilling, makers of craft spirits, are one of the best spirit producer in the world. Just to give you an example, only in 2018, they won 21 medals at the 2018 Los Angeles World Spirits Competition, included 93 points / Gold Medal / Best of Category for the Portland Potato Vodka.

Portland Potato Vodka is the award-winning, gluten free premium vodka from Eastside Distilling. If you are a vodka lover, you will definitely enjoy this one!



Combine Portland Potato Vodka and your favourite ginger beer in a copper mug or highball glass filled with ice. Add lime juice. Stir gently and garnish with a lime slice.

Portland Potato Vodka by Eastside Distilling NV

Where to buy this outstanding vodka ? 
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