The truth about buying your wine online vs. at the store

I made a wine run this weekend, because I was out of wine and needed to stock up. I went to the wine store, and it was a nightmare, sorting through all of the crap on the shelves to find a really good wine. There was nobody there to help me with my selection, so I just bought 4 bottles of my favourite wine, just to hold me over.

This recent experience got me to thinking about the difference in buying wine online, vs. buying it in the store, and I realized there are a few key reasons why buying online is so much better:

1. The wine sold online (at least through is hand selected by the company’s owners based on quality

I don’t feel like I have to sort through what’s available to find the good stuff, because I know that everything on that website is good! I can also call the company and speak to a live person and get advice or comments on any of the wines listed on their website.

2. No more lines at the LCBO! 

Why the hell would I ever stand in one again, when ordering high quality wines is right at my fingertips when I do it online? I guess I could make new friends, but I’d rather do that at a bar, with a nice glass of wine already in my hand!

3. I can very easily search for exactly what I’m looking for

Rather than wandering through aisles to find what I want, I can search by price, wine style, winery, etc. and see what’s available.

4. I don’t have to leave my house

Honestly, my time is very limited. Between work, my social activities and my desire to just rest my lazy ass on the couch from time to time to veg. out, why should I waste my time driving to a store, searching for what I want physically, and driving back home again. It’s not like they’re offering free samples right there at the store. Now, that might change my shopping experience.

So, the next time I’m down to my last couple of bottles of wine, I will definitely get my lazy ass (or fingers) off the couch to order my wine online.

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