Top choice – This May Be the Best Provençal White Out There

Just as we rolled up the red carpet on Bandol Rosé in the past, here we go rolling it out one more time for their pitch perfect white.

There’s a mythical quality to the wines of Cédric Gravier, in that more people have seen or heard of him than have tasted his wines. The wines Domaine La Suffrene deliver impeccable quality, consistency, and allure that is second to none in France.

In fact, I find it hard to believe that this estate, and today’s sleek and sumptuous white, continues to fly under the radar.

I’m always excited to taste classics like todays, particularly when the producer hasn’t rested on his laurels but continuously strives to improve his farming and winemaking practices.

What is Bandol wine ?

It’s nice to be reminded that Bandol AOC is one of the greatest wine regions of the world and today’s bottle is not merely something you order in a restaurant when you don’t recognize anything else on the list. This bottle is a place, grape and a vintage all coming together in perfect harmony.

Bandol appellation

If you’re not familiar with Bandol AOC, it is considered to be some of the best Terroir there is in Provence when it comes to producing stellar white wines.

The Bandol area is one of the most famous vineyards of Provence. Wine has been produced here since the Greeks arrived in Provence in 600 BC. The Romans carried on the tradition with enthusiasm and, throughout the Middle Ages and beyond, it continued to thrive.

Bandol wines even found favour in very high places: at the French court. According to legend, when the hedonistic Louis XV was asked the secret of his youth and vigour, he replied promptly, “The wines of Bandol”. It’s as good a reason as any to drink them.

Bandol Blanc by La Suffrene 2018 – wine tasting

“Gorgeously aromatic, with spring flowers, juicy lemons, guava and similarly tropical fruits, then peaches and cream, musky grape, finally tied together with fresh-apple acidity.”

95 points – Decanter World Wine Awards 2019

Where to buy this AOC Bandol blanc in Canada?
Bandol Blanc by La Suffrene 2018

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