Grenache/Garnacha World Day

If there’s one variety that has seen its popularity explode in the past few years, it’s definitely Grenache, which is now the fifth most planted grape variety worldwide. This is partly because it is increasingly treated with finesse, but also because of its good resistance to several diseases. With its resilience in the face of drought, and what with our current context of climate change, could Grenache be the variety of the future?

It produces powerful, warming, raspberryish reds whose greatest expression, from old, low-yielding vines, is to be found in Châteauneuf-du-Pape in France and in Australia‘s Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale.

Grenache (Garnacha) can also be found in both blends and as a single varietal across the United States


Our selection of Grenache from Isaac Fernandez Selección

1- Rosé : Legado del Moncayo Rosado by Isaac Fernandez Seleccion 2018

Legado del Moncayo Rosado by Isaac Fernandez Seleccion 2018

It’s made by renown winemaker Isaac Fernandez. From it’s colour, we thought this would be a similarly priced to a bottle of Provençal Rosé. Yes, you can throw it in a cooler for a fishing trip but you can also serve it with complex, flavourful foods.

2- Red : Legado del Moncayo by Isaac Fernandez Selección 2018

There is good reason why this wine has become so popular. Many of Toronto’s restaurants pour this wine by the glass and have done so for years.

Legado del Moncayo by Isaac Fernandez Selección 2018

This is the ultimate house red. At 14.95/bottle, there is nothing in the province that comes close to the quality to price ratio of this wine.

Wine critic John Gilman sights :

“The 2017 Garnacha Tinto from Legado del Moncayo is nicely ripe, coming in at fourteen percent octane and delivering a classic varietal nose of black raspberries, roasted venison, pepper, garrigue, a touch of celery seed and a complex base of stony soil tones. On the palate the wine is full-bodied, complex and impressively soil-driven, with a rock solid core, ripe tannins and a long, tangy and very well-balanced finish. This is an insanely good value at $11 per bottle here in the States and reminds me of when Châteauneuf du Pape was the bargain in French wines back in the early 1980s! It is approachable today, but will also age very nicely and will be even better with a few years in the cellar to let the tannins soften up a bit more. A great value! 2019- 2035.” 
John Gilman, View from the Cellar, Dec 2018 (2017 vintage)

Mary T. Verified Buyer – 06/05/18 – 5★★★★★
“Was a little nervous given the incredible low price but easy drinking, flavourful. a perfect house wine to enjoy with a barbecue or just to welcome the weekend on a Friday evening.”

Betsy L. Verified Buyer – 01/14/18 – 4★★★★
“Very good – smooth and a good Garnacha wine. Everyone at our dinner party enjoyed it. Very reasonably priced.”

Where to find this red wine?
Legado del Moncayo Rosado by Isaac Fernandez Seleccion 2018
Legado del Moncayo by Isaac Fernandez Selección 2018

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