Christmas gift ideas from Wineonline. The guarantee to please every time!

Putting a bottle of wine at the foot of the tree is the guarantee of offering a gift that will not end up being resold once the Yule log is finished. More than a bottle, it is a future moment of pleasure and friendliness that we surround with gift wrap.

Christmas coming and you’re looking for a super gift for a winelover? Here is some ideas for you for making the right choices 😉

A Magnum Piece Of Art

Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvée Laurence Magnum by Domaine du Pegau 2012

The magnum always has a spectacular touch with its 1.5 litres, the equivalent of two bottles. There is no better way to express the festive, friendly and generous side of wine. A flattering image also for the one who offers it! Besides, the wine improves its ageing capacity. The price is no less expensive than that of two bottles because the container and the cork are more expensive for the winemaker, but success is guaranteed!

And when you have a the opportunity to have a Plan Pegau in Magnum sizes, you cannot miss it!

As Parker States: “Life is too short not to drink abundant quantities of Pegau” – Robert Parker

Laurence Féraud of Pegau makes some of the world’s classic Rhône wines. She is incredibly talented and her winery is now one of the most well known and prestigious in the region.

96 points by Wine Spectator
96 points by Robert’s Parker Wine Advocate

Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvée Laurence Magnum by Domaine du Pegau 2012

Wine With The Prestige Of Age

Barolo Tettimorra DOCG by Scarpa 1987

Age gives the wine a more precious character. Choose wines that are 8 or 10 years old, or even more and more!

Scarpa’s iconic wines shake us to our core every time we have had the honour to drink one. Luckily we got some of Scarpa’s 1987 Barolo Tettimorra. This is your chance to offer an icon.

Scarpa survived and thrived, made evident by vintages from the 1980s that are still singing the purest of notes. This, of course, hasn’t gone unnoticed by critics. Their voices have carried wide and far, emptying into Michelin restaurants and echoing off the cellar walls of serious collectors.

Barolo Tettimorra DOCG by Scarpa 1987

A Discovery Wine

Syrocco Syrah by Domaine Ouled Thaleb 2015

A gift is by definition a surprise, so dare to use unknown or original appellation. Play the nod by finding a wine that will make a buzz around the tree like this Morocco wine.

Syrocco by Domaine Ouled Thaleb 2015 is just amazing wine! 100% syrah, this wine is produced at the modern winery of Thalvin, not far from Casablanca, from selected parcels of Syrah vines, some 48 years old. This Syrah would fool most people who would think its from southern French.

Syrocco Syrah by Domaine Ouled Thaleb 2015

Some Super-Accessories

Option 1: A Zalto Glass

Zalto Gravitas Omega

To taste a good wine… you need good glasses! Enhance his/her wine tasting with this unique Zalto Glasses.

“Zalto glasses are in my view the finest on the market. Perfectly balanced, ultra elegant, and just a sheer joy to use.” 
– John Szabo, MS

“The finest, thinnest stem I have ever used. Delicate, elegant, incredibly light and a pleasure to hold.” 
Sara d’Amato

Incorporating the Zalto Burgundy bowl, the Zalto Gravitas Omega features no base, push the glass to aerate the wine as it rolls in a circular motion. A flat edge on part of the bowl prevents it from rolling off the table. 

Zalto Gravitas Omega
Discover all Zalto collection here

Option 2: Coravin

Coravin Model Two Elite Pro Piano Black Wine System

This accessory is the perfect gift for a winelovers! With the Coravin Wine Preservation System, you can enjoy a sip, a glass, or more from any bottle and save the rest for weeks, months, or even years!

We love the Coravin Model Two Plus Pack Wine System, because is complete. Indeed, this ultimate Coravin experience comes complete with an elegant classic base to showcase your System, a stylish carry case to bring your Coravin experience with you anywhere, and four Coravin Capsules to comfortably pour 60 epic glasses of wine.

Coravin Model Two Elite Pro Piano Black Wine System

A Gift Card

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