Is It Okay to Drink Wine On Skype?

Let’s face it. Our world has changed in ways we could never imagine – not even a week ago. And with it, no restaurants, no bars, no pubs, no cafes… Even meeting with friends is verboten. 

Our new vocabulary features “social distancing”, “self-isolation”, “quarantine”.

You may have elected to self-isolate. Or if you are under quarantine, you have to isolate yourself in a separate room! Your family or partner has to leave your food (and your wine) outside your door. No contact!!

Eric Asimov recently wrote a New York Times article, Wine Is for Sharing. What Does That Mean in Self-Quarantine? He asks, “…what if social distancing means you are actually by yourself? Is it all right to open that bottle?”

The answer is simple. It’s not whether to drink alone or not. It’s about taking care of ourselves. 

In good times or in stressful times wine provides comfort, wine provides solace, wine gives us pleasure. Do intense and bold reds hit the spot? Or perhaps rich and toasty whites?

Whatever your pleasure – Rosé, Sparkling – why deny yourself?

So yes, of course you are going to enjoy a glass of your favourite wine – even if you are alone.

But here’s an even better idea. Contact a friend on Skype or Zoom or Facetime or Google Hangouts or WhatsApp…

Or… why not contact a whole group of friends? Make it a party. 

And toast one other through the magic of video conferencing!

Yeah, it’s not the same as sitting around a table but it is a great substitute. 

With wine and hope, anything is possible!

Spanish Proverb
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