Syrah from Côte-Rôtie Legend Stephane Ogier

Syrah d’Ogier by Stephane Ogier 2018

Syrah d’Ogier is produced by Stephane Ogier – best known for exceptional Côte-Rôties and Condrieus that are increasingly sought-after, fetching hundreds per bottle.

Syrah is the king of red grapes in France’s Northern Rhone Valley and 7th generation winemaker, Stephane Ogier is its rock star.

To put it simply, for those hoping to sidestep triple-digit prices, consider Syrah d’Ogier your insider tip of the year!

We have always believed that the greatest values in wine come from buying world class producers’ entry level wines. You get the same care and attention paid to each product with the winemaker’s name on it, for a fraction of the price.  

What this young winemaker has done with today’s bottle “Syrah d’Ogier” is one of the most interesting and exciting projects to be tackled in the Northern Rhone and one of the best values to come out of the region.

Bottle of Syrah d'Ogier against a stylized background.

What Robert Parker Writes:

“I had a fantastic visit with the Ogier family and this estate, now firmly under the helm of Michel’s son, Stéphane Ogier, is crafting some of the most spectacular wines in the appellation… There’s lots going on at this estate, and amid all of the new vineyard developments, they’re also completing construction on a massive new cellar located on the western edge of Ampuis. These are exciting times, and without a doubt, the best is yet to come from this young Côte Rôtie rock star!”

– Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, Dec 2014.

Stephane Ogier is a perfectionist who does not compromise – particularly not on quality.

Two rows of casks of wine with wine tester.

One sip of this 2018 Syrah d’Ogier and you will agree, hard work, historic terroir, and commitment to detail can yield a wine of exquisite structure and taste. 

You just can’t find quality like this from the Northern Rhone at this price.


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