Double-Gold Medal Merlot (Sub-$18)

Essentiel Merlot 2018 by Les Jamelles

Essentiel Merlot 2018 by Les Jamelles is produced in the south of France – a heaven to food and wine lovers – in Languedoc-Roussillon on France’s Mediterranean Coast

Think of how many writers, artists, cooks, and yes, winemakers have come to France’s Mediterranean Coast and never leave. That’s what two winemakers from Burgundy did – husband and wife team Laurent and Catherine Delaunay. They now craft brilliant wines at their Languedoc-Roussillon estate.

They now craft brilliant wines at their Languedoc-Roussillon estate.

This bottle is the most popular of the “Les Jamelles” Collection – and deservedly so. It is made from 100% of one of Bordeaux’s most famous grapes, Merlot. The winemaker, Catherine Delaunay, works closely with growers in several areas of the Languedoc to ensure they grow and train their vines to her complete satisfaction.

Gold Medal – Japan Women’s Wine Awards 2020
Gold Medal – Selection Mondiale des Vins Canada 2020

This bottle is produced very much in the same manner as in Bordeaux. After fermentation ends most of the wine undergoes a long maceration to ensure that the wine will absorb all the fruit flavours from the skins. A small quantity of grapes are fermented employing “Carbonic Maceration” which helps to produce delightful easily accessible fruity wines.

They are blended together with some of the wine being aged in barriques for six to nine months before being blended back to the main part for final aging in stainless steel tanks prior to bottling.

Bottle of Essentiel Merlot by Les Jamelles 2018

Essentiel Merlot 2018 Winemakers: Laurent and Catherine Delaunay

In the early 1990s, husband and wife team, winemakers Laurent and Catherine Delaunay, found themselves imagining a range of pleasure-bent, delectable, aromatic and flavourful wines that would speak the universal language of their varietals and be accessible to all wine lovers, whether they be neophytes or connoisseurs.

Les Jamelles

This range would be named Les Jamelles: a feminine name, to evoke the roundness of their wines, in the plural form to reflect the diversity of the varietals, and melodious to recall their roots in the Languedoc, land of the troubadours.

Today, Les Jamelles wines make up one of the largest collections of varietal wines from the south of France and are enjoyed in over 40 countries. They are renowned for their exceptional value for the money and pleasure factor, their wide appeal, and the fact that they can be enjoyed on all occasions.

Essentiel Merlot 2018 Winemakers: Laurent and Catherine Delaunay

Essentiel Merlot: Characteristics

This wine has a pretty deep colour. It has blackberry, blackcurrant and cherry jam flavours melt with spiced and smoked scents.  Is well-balanced, rich and long on the palate, with nice tannins.

This luscious red is a fierce pairing with all kinds of meats. Steaks, chops, rack of lamb, pasta dishes, ratatouille and a variety of cheeses.


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