Old Vine Argentine Malbec

Testimonio Old Vine Argentine Malbec by Luigi Bosca 2018

Testimonio Old Vine Argentine Malbec comes from Argentina’s oldest family-owned winery.

The definition of a “testimony” is a story that describes a unique event as well as a statement confirming the truth of something. Testimonio Old Vine Argentine Malbec is a world class wine. What’s unique is its exceptional price. At only $18.99 a bottle, the price to quality ratio is simply outstanding. We are sure you will be writing your own testimonies after tasting this beautiful expression of Malbec.

At only $18.99 a bottle, the price to quality ratio is simply outstanding.

The Testimonio line of wines is an authentic declaration of the style and a 100-year tradition of the Arizu Family. With deep historical roots in Argentina’s Mendoza wine region, Bodega Luigi Bosca has a longstanding commitment to innovation and quality.

Bodega Luigi Bosca: Producer of Testimonio Old Vine Argentine Malbec

Founded in 1901 by Don Leoncio Arizu, Bodega Luigi Bosca is the country’s oldest family-owned winery. Tradition, authenticity and elegance are the three foundations upon which all of the wines of Bodega Luigi Bosca line are based. Standing behind a century of history in each bottle, the Arizu family remains wedded to both tradition and innovation.

Argentine Malbec has always been a reliable choice for those who crave dark, rich, and polished red wines and the 2018 Testimonio Old Vines Malbec does not disappoint.

A tasting of Testimonio Old Vines Malbec sits in a wine glass to the right of a magnum sized bottle of the wine.

With wide temperature swings between cold nights and hot days, the Arizu family have come to appreciate that Mendoza’s desert climate and terroir offer unique benefits to the wines they produce: it amplifies the aromatics and colour and keeps the acidity balanced, while the alluvial deposits in the soil add minerality and depth.

Pioneers in Mendoza’s winemaking history, the Arizu family collaborated actively to create the Lujan de Cuyo Denomination of Origin (DO) appellation in 1988. Under its DO regulations, the appellation adheres to strict aging and viticultural rules, including the fact that vines must be a minimum of 50 years old.

After more than 110 years of hard work, guided by a spirit of innovation in pursuit of quality, the Arizu family has earned its position as a leader in the nation’s wine history.

Winemaker in the Bodega Luigi Bosca wine cellar, standing amongst rows of barrels of wine, sampling from a barrel with a dropper into a wine glass.

Testimonio Old Vine Argentine Malbec: Characteristics

This is a bright deep purple and reddish Malbec, intense, juicy, with a voluptuous fruit nature. It shows delicate shades of vanilla and typical and well-integrated flavours of its aging in oak, a very solid tannin structure and balanced acidity. This is a complex wine, with a deep and elegant finish. A great example of the expressiveness of Mendoza’s terroir.


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