Bone-Dry Bubbly That Won’t Break The Bank

Jeio Cuvée Brut Prosecco by Bisol

There is no better way to hang-out at home than with a glass of bubbly. And Jeio Cuvée Brut Prosecco by Bisol – an extra-dry prosecco that far surpasses its price-point – sets the mood every time!

Typically, when bubbly is this inexpensive, it lacks character, finesse and depth, but this is NOT the case with Bisol’s Jeio Brut Prosecco.

91 points – James Suckling, Nov 2018

This wine has plenty going on. Not only does it make for a beautiful aperitif, but it is absolutely delicious with a host of appetizers, especially foods such as smoked salmon, potato latkes, or a nice piece of grilled white fish.

It’s just so darn nice to have something this delicious in your glass and have the cost be so reasonable. Add to this that the flavours in the Bisol are soft and delectable. This is a wine everyone should own a case of (or two). Popping a few corks won’t hurt.

“Bisol represents a gold standard in Prosecco production, from its prestigious cru-level wines to the value-priced Jeio line.” – Wine & Spirits Magazine

A bottle of Jeio Cuvée Brut Prosecco by Bisol stands in the foreground to the left. The background is a black and white scene of two women at a resort, wearing flowy resort dresses, pouring Jeio Cuvée Brut into champagne glasses and having a laugh.

Bisol Winery

The story of Bisol winery began in 1542 in the heart of the historic Prosecco territory known as Valdobbiadene, specifically the famous Cartizze hill. For the next 500 years, the family tended to their vineyards and produced wines, passing on their tradition and knowledge generation after generation.

Today, the Bisol is world-renowned for its range of organically farmed and internationally recognized Prosecco Superiore wines.

So what makes Proseccos produced in Conegliano Valdobbiadene “superior” to others? One major factor is the microclimate. The territory is located in Italy’s northern Veneto region, nestled between the Adriatic Sea and the Dolomite mountains. With constant breezes, ideal temperatures, and sun, the vines of Conegliano Valdobbiadene thrive fantastically.

A bird's eye view of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene terroir and vineyards of rolling hills in Veneto, Italy.

What Our Certified Buyers Say:

4.7 numeric rating with 4.7 stars filled in to its right.

Steve P. – WineOnline Verified Buyer
Dry the way I like it. Very good tasting. Bubbles last forever when sipping. Dry. I can drink 2 bottles easy in one night.

Graham G. – WineOnline Verified Buyer
Crisp and easy on the palate. Great value.

Wayne – WineOnline Verified Buyer
Very smooth sparkling champagne like wine. It agrees gently as you drink this great wine. We would recommend this sparkling wine to all purchasers. We would definitely reorder this wine.

Jeio Cuvée Brut Prosecco by Bisol: Characteristics

Brilliant straw yellow with extremely fine and persistent perlage, the wine shows an elegant, complex and harmonious bouquet, with a wide range of aromas, including intense scents of peaches and apricots, accompanied by delicate hints of fresh wisteria and acacia flowers. The flavour is up front with a well-balanced acidity. Full, sapid, harmonious and persistent the wine has a dry, crisp finish. Jeio is a consummate sparkling wine. It is superb as an aperitif and at the table it perfectly matches pasta dishes with vegetable sauces, white meat dishes and all manner of seafood.

The underground cellar of Cantine Bisol: a small, low-lit stone room with wine bottles stacked on their side to the left, previous vintage wines standing atop 2 barrels to the right, as well as in 3 upward diagonal hollows in the back wall.


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