We are thrilled to present the virtually undiscovered Red Schooner Voyage 10 by Caymus Vineyards led by the legendary Wagner Family

The Wagner Family kept Caymus’ Red Schooner a secret for nearly five years until it reached perfection and was ready to release.

The huge success of Voyage 1, which sold out in 5 days at the Caymus winery in Napa, created a frenzy when the Voyage 2 through 9’s were released.

The huge success of Voyage 1, which sold out in 5 days at the Caymus winery in Napa, created a frenzy when the Voyage 2 through 9’s were released.

This wine is the 10th ever release of this stunning Malbec made in Napa Valley using the same techniques as the wildly popular Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon.

It’s made from grapes grown in the Andes Mountains, shipped chilled to Napa Valley and produced with the same techniques as Caymus Cabernet. Falling outside standard labeling rules, it does not include a vintage date but is known by the voyage from which it travelled (Voyage 10 is the 2020 vintage). 


BODY /  STYLE / OAK / Full-bodied / warm and spicy, earthy, fruity / Oaked


CELLARING / Drink now

BEST PAIRINGS / Breads, Cured Meat, Ham, Hard Cheese, Red Meat, Roasted Vegetables, Salted or Marinated Mushrooms

TASTING NOTE / Offering scents of ripe plums and cherries, this wine is powerful and supple, with flavours of French oak and soft tannins.


Caymus’ patriarch, Chuck Wagner (pictured below), faced a new challenge when exploring the possibility of making a premium Malbec. The biggest obstacle he faced, he didn’t like the Malbec fruit that was growing in Napa. So his search began for a vineyard that could produce high-quality Malbec grapes that could support the robust Caymus winemaking style that he is so famous for. Venturing 6,000 miles south to Argentina, it was in the Andes Mountains that Chuck found what he was looking for.

One may wonder, how do they get the grapes from Argentina to Napa?
Chillin’ and Sailin’, literally. As Caymus puts it, “Our goal: to ship grapes in a way that mirrored how table grapes are shipped around the world – protecting them through delicate care and chilling. Was there a lesson for us in the now commonplace ability to find high-quality fruit at the local grocery store (including grapes), sourced from thousands of miles away? There are tons of fruit being shipped on ocean freighters every day, and so we considered this project to be not so crazy after all.”


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