Pinot Noir Blanc


Sillery Oltrepò Pavese 2021 by Frecciarossa is a wine that we only get a couple cracks at a year—at best. This northern Italian white though being from a top-notch outfit, was relatively unknown until recently, but its popularity has (deservedly) exploded, and we can’t get enough of it.

Sillery is Pinot Noir Blanc–meaning that this is white wine produced from red grapes. The only place where this is common is in Champagne. It tastes like Blanc de Noir Champagne without the bubbles. Yes, it is refined and extremely drinkable, and not to mention, absolutely delicious. It has an average score of 4.8/5 stars from our clients, with near-identical scoring for previous vintages as well. I’ve included a number of their reviews below. One such buyer even stated:

“It has become the only white wine I want to drink…”
– Martha S.

Frecciarossa, who recently celebrated their 100th birthday, are one of the masters of Pinot Noir in Italy. The quality here should justify a much higher price point. 

This vinous masterpiece promises to blow you away, whether drinking now or over next handful of years. Drink luxury for under $23. We can literally never get enough Sillery, because the demand for it has become so high.


“It has become the only white wine I want to drink. Absolutely fabulous.”
Martha S. – Verified Buyer – 08/16/22

“Distinguished. Very refined wine for a very reasonable price! A sure shot at impressing wine connoisseur!”
Katheline V. – Verified Buyer – 10/14/22

“This is the 2nd time I have purchased this wine.
Love it – great sipping wine.
Friends are surprised with the White Pinot Noir”

Michelle M. – Verified Buyer – 10/12/22

“Different and pleasant drinking. Variety in all wines is desirable especially when you consider accompanying food. This wine fills a void. Difficult to categorize but with a broad usefulness including pre dinner drinks. Would buy again”
John P. – Verified Buyer – 10/09/22

“Refreshing. Bright, crisp. Something different.
We liked it and so did our guests when served.”

​James B. – Verified Buyer (Past Vintage)

“A terrific wine! This Pinot Nero has become my favourite white. Please get in some more!”
David K. – Verified Buyer (Past Vintage)


BODY /  STYLE / OAK/ Medium-bodied / smooth, silky, floral, fruity and mineral / Unoaked


CELLARING / Drink now or cellar

BEST PAIRINGS / Breads, Cured Meat, Rich Fish, Soft Cheese, White Meat

TASTING NOTE / This extraordinary and elegant white is made from hand picked Pinot Nero grapes vinified as a white wine by removing the dark skins, in a similar fashion to the production of Champagne from red Pinot Noir grapes. It is richly intense, well balanced with elegance and powerful fruit finishing long and complex backed by firm acidity.


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