Rioja Alta, Sonsierra, Abalos

Welcome to Rioja: A Thousand-Year-Old Wine Region

Rioja, a place whose history, landscape and culture are utterly inseparable from the wine industry; a region that has always lived by and for wine, and which today renews its passion for showing the world the greatness and diversity of its lands, with know-how and mastery that only centuries can bestow. In Rioja, we don’t make wine, we live and breathe it.

The Rioja Story

Rioja Oriental Davalillo

In the north of Spain, on both banks of the Ebro river, flanked by the majestic Sierra de Cantabria and Sierra de la Demanda mountain ranges, lies the thousand-year old wine-growing region of Rioja. Centuries ago, privileged conditions for the cultivation of vines turned this area into Spain’s top quality wine producing region. Winemaking has been and continues to be the heartbeat and hallmark of this region, whose unique character has delighted generations of wine enthusiasts and carried Spanish wine around the world.

In Rioja, Wine Is Everything

Vinos Plaza

Our “heart & soul winemaking” approach is an indisputable part of our identity. Wine is not only our main source of income: it’s what brings everything together in this region. Our wine heritage and pioneering spirit date back over 2,000 years. It was Rioja that educated the palates of several generations of wine enthusiasts in Spain and first opened international markets to Spanish winemaking.

Rigour And Excellence

Historically, our control regulations and technical approach have been the role model for other wine-growing regions in Spain. Our commitment to exclusively releasing wines that are ready to drink has positioned Rioja amongst the most internationally admired wine regions.

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