Why Canadian Shoppers Are Heading to the Web to Buy Alcohol Online

Canadian shoppers have the opportunity to buy alcohol online, and for many this represents a unique and convenient option. Buying wine and liquor online offers a few benefits in Canada.

Why Canadian Shoppers Are Heading to the Web to Buy Alcohol Online

1) Convenience

When you buy alcohol online, you don’t have to leave your home and walked to the store in order to pick it up. Your alcohol is delivered right to your door, reducing the amount of time you need to spend running errands. With Wineonline Marketing Company, many orders are delivered within four days, so you do not have to wait for your order. You can even track your order, so you know exactly when to anticipate your delivery.

2) Safety and comfort

In Canada, online shopping can offer comfort and safety. During harsh winters, for example, you can buy alcohol online and not have to face winter driving, slippery sidewalks, and other dangerous conditions. Online shopping also offers added safety benefits. For example, to pick up your alcohol purchase online, you need to be able to present government ID upon delivery, which can help reduce underage drinking in our society. When you use reputable sites such as WineOnline.ca, your personal information is kept completely confidential and secure.

3) Selection

About 20% of Canadians live in non-urban areas, where access to a selection of wines, liquors, and spirits can be limited. Walking or driving to different small stores to find products to try can be daunting. With online shopping, customers can browse a wide selection of wines, new products, and even get to define exactly what they want. Even Canadians living in small cities with only one store can start accumulating impressive collections simply by buying their liquor online.

4) Perks

Online shopping can include cost value. Online shopping, for example, lets customers comparison shop to find deals. In addition, the online space allows customers to enjoy additional advantages and promotions. For example, Wineonline Marketing Company lets you earn loyalty points so you can enjoy more value for your money. Wineonline Marketing Company also offers free delivery on orders of more than 12 bottles, letting you save even more.

Another perk of online shopping are the resources available. You can browse detailed information about each wine and take your time to find the perfect drink for you. Wineonline Marketing Company even offers a newsletter to help you learn more about the options.

Is Buying Alcohol Online Right for You?

Just about everyone can benefit from online shopping. If you are planning a special party or event and need to buy drinks in bulk, online shopping means you don’t have to haul crates of wine or alcohol from your local store. Someone else will handle the heavy lifting and carrying right to your door.

If you are a serious connoisseur, buying online lets you try a wider range of flavors and new tastes without having to travel far. If you live in a remote area, especially, it makes sense to buy alcohol online, since you will be able to try a selection not available at your local store. With online shopping, you can enjoy the same selection or an even better selection than Canadian customers in big cities.

Canadians enjoy drinking. According to 2013 research, close to 80% of Canadians (or about 22 million people) had consumed alcohol in the previous year. Moderate and responsible consumption of wine, spirits, and beer is socially acceptable and in fact is a key part of Canadian weddings, ceremonies, and celebrations. Online shopping for alcohol simply makes buying easier while maintain safety and comfort.

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