Pignataro’s Gold Medal Winning 2014 Nero di Troia is Back in Stock. $16.95/Bottle in 6-Packs.

People go nuts for this wine every time we serve it. There is beautiful fruit and nice depth.


Gold Medal – Berliner Wein Trophy 2016

Bottle Price : $16.95

Case Price : $101.70

Winery : Pignataro

Wine Region : Italy (Italy), Puglia (Italy)

Bottle Per Case : 6 x 750 ml

A gold-medal winner at the 2016 Berliner Wein event. This southern Italian packs loads of licorice, tobacco and vanilla. Full-bodied and smooth.

At WineOnline.ca, we are always out there doing whatever we can to find you great values and superb wines. We recently visited Prowein where we spent a whole lot of time tasting wines from Puglia and neighbouring Sicily and Campania. I find it absolutely amazing that the good winemakers in these regions are able to keep so much freshness in their wines when it is so hot during the days.

We had the wines come in from Pignataro not too far back, but they sold out so quickly that i imagine many of you were not able to get any at all. The 2014 Nero di Troia has an abundance of fruit and depth, but is still fresh and extremely drinkable. We tried to bring in enough to meet demand this time, but we will see what happens.

Southern Italy has been producing wine for a very long time. The weather is perfect, with warm sunny days and Mediterranean breezes ushering in cooler evenings. Best of all, the winemakers tend to have plenty of experience and knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

Looking for more Southern Italian deliciousness? The A Mano Primitivo has become a client favourite. These days it tends to sell out prior to arrival. This time we managed to order enough so that there was still some left on arrival. This might sound redundant, and for that i apologize, but we do want clients to get the wines they want. We have 13 cases in stock, so if A Mano’s Primitivo is wine you want, we suggest ordering it sooner than later.

There are also a couple cases remaining of Puteus’ Salice Salento Riserva. If you are looking for a wine with a whole host of structure and a little age behind it, this wine is right for you.

I would like to inform you that we have wrapped up our European tour. We saw plenty of existing suppliers and picked up some amazing new ones. We are excited to share all of this with you and are looking forward bringing clients more interesting and delicious little treats. To sum up, we are going to have some amazing wines showing up in the next while so keep your eyes out.

Have a great day!


Bottle Price : $21.95

Case Price : $263.40

Winery : Mocavero

Wine Region : Italy (Italy), Puglia (Italy)

Bottle Per Case : 12 x 750 ml


Bottle Price : $18.95

Case Price : $227.40

Bottle Per Case : 12 x 750 ml

Food Pairing : Breads, Cured Meat, Red Meat, Roasted Vegetables, Soft Cheese, White Meat

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