Online White Wine Options for the Connoisseur in Your Home

Do you or someone in your home love white wine with dinner or as the ideal beverage to break out when company arrives? If so, it pays to buy white wine that has all the qualities needed to please you and your guests. One way of augmenting whatever is available at your LCBO in Bloordale Village is ordering online. Here are some options that are worth considering.

Sauvignon Blanc VQA by Henry Of Pelham 2015

 Do you fancy domestic wines? One that is sure to please is Sauvignon Blanc VQA by Henry Of Pelham 2015. Considered one of the more popular wines from the Niagara region, this wine is ideal for those days when you really want to relax and sip along. Keep a glass at hand while you enjoy a good book or when company drops by for a lively chat.

 The citrus taste combined with a bit of tart that rests easily on the tongue is sure to please. You’ll also notice hints of grass and hay flavor as part of the mix. With just the right amount of acidity to give the wine a reasonable amount of body, the smooth texture will go down easily.

 If this wine is not found at the LCBO in Elliot Lake, don’t despair. You can order it online for a modest price per bottle.

Cuvée Marie-Justine Rosé by Baudry-Dutour 2015

For those who love French white wines, it’s hard to go wrong with a bottle of Cuvée Marie-Justine Rosé by Baudry-Dutour 2015.  It pairs well with a wide range of foods, including fish, various white meats, soft cheeses, and all sorts of breads. Even if you are not in the mood for something to eat, the wine is refreshing enough all by itself.

You’ll note the rich fruity taste brings to mind visions of peaches along with other sweeter fruits. The bouquet will bring a smile to your lips the moment the bottle is uncorked. In terms of taste, it will linger on the tongue in a way that makes you want to enjoy every sip. 

Your connoisseur will also find that this wine is one of the more affordable wines on the market and has the texture and taste of something far more expensive.

Nua Brut by Nua N/V

Do you love Italian wines but find the LCBO in Bayview John in Markham doesn’t always have what you would like. You can order Nua Brut by Nua N/V online with ease and have plenty on hand. This modestly priced wine offers a taste that brings to mind a number of red fruits. You’ll also detect hints of hazelnuts and honey in the bouquet and taste. Many people delight in the bubbly texture of this wine and love the way it goes down so easily. You’ll find that it’s a great choice for a quiet afternoon at home or to serve along with breads, soft cheeses, cured meats, and any type of white meat or fish.

Keep your wine cellar stocked with the best white wines by ordering online today. You’ll find the selections are varied, the prices reasonable, and the delivery times convenient.

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