The Perfect Wine Pairings to Enhance Your Holiday Feast

When the festive season arrives, you’ll want to plan ahead for two main factors. The first is the preparation of delicious dishes that encourage your guests to help themselves to second and third plates. The second includes picking out the perfect wine you and your guests can enjoy and indulge in throughout the evening.

Selecting the perfect wine pairings to enhance your holiday feast can ensure every guest fills their stomach with exceptional food and beverages. It takes the dining experience to the next level, making the holiday feast unforgettable and bringing a festive mood that will last well into the new year. If you are searching for the perfect wine pairings to match your delicious food, look no further. This article will explore the best wines to match with a full range of festive feasts to delight your guests’ tastebuds.

Why Wine Pairing with Festive Dishes is Important

If you are unsure why wine pairing with festive dishes is important, there are multiple reasons. The textures, flavours, and qualities of the food you lovingly prepare are heightened, enhanced, and complemented by the perfect wines. Flavours and aromatic qualities in your dishes can marry perfectly with specific wines and taste better when you get the selection correct. 

To make the dining experience more enjoyable and for the hard work you put into the food preparation to pay off, going the extra mile with wine pairing is worthwhile. To achieve the perfect harmony of flavours and ensure that none dominates over the other, it’s important to consider your wine pairing options before serving your dishes.

3 Festive Dishes and the Perfect Wine Pairings

Making the perfect selection can be tricky, but it’s easier with top tips, flavour recommendations, and advice related to wine qualities. Here, we will look at some of those top tips, plus three festive dishes and the perfect wine pairings to ensure your dining experience delivers flavour perfection.

Traditional Turkey with Red or White Wine

The versatility of turkey meat makes it an excellent match for two main wine types. This hearty dish boasts dark or red meat and white meat, so its succulent, rich, balanced flavours mean you can combine your traditional turkey with red or white wine to impress your guests.

Some of the specific white wine types you may consider are acidic and crisp wines such as light-bodied Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, or sparkling wines made from Chardonnay grape varieties, which will emphasize the turkey’s mild aromas and flavours. We recommend a 2020 Lokaal White VQA, which offers a mild sweetness, high acidity, and refreshing aromas to wash over the palate. This is an excellent match for white meat and the roasted vegetables you may serve with your traditional turkey.


From the abundant range of red wines, you have a vast choice to match with turkey dishes. One recommended, delicious red wine type you may consider is a tannin-rich option, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir, that reduces the intensity of the turkey’s stronger flavours. For instance, a bottle of smooth and silky, medium-bodied 2021 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley delivers tannins that match savoury roast meats and hearty mushrooms.

Christmas Pudding with Fortified Wine

Sweet, rich, nutty Christmas pudding has all the indulgent qualities that will tempt you and your guests to reach for another slice. This dessert is a spicy dish thanks to its ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, and it pairs perfectly with sweet wines or dessert wines. Serve Christmas pudding with fortified wines such as Madeira, and you can receive the rich, sweet flavours that pair well with the fruity flavour profiles of Christmas pudding.

However, your choice is anything but limited. A wide range of wines, such as Port from Portugal and sherry from Spain, can also match sweet desserts like Christmas pudding. For example, with Oloroso sherry, the aromatic, rich flavour profiles can bring out the sweetness of the dried, juicy fruits in this traditional dessert.

We recommend 20 Years Old Tawny Port with its complex aromas of honey, spices, and dried fruits to complement your Christmas pudding’s spices and sweet flavours.


Pork Blade Roast with Red Wine

The melt-in-the-mouth delicate yet meaty pork blade roast is a succulent dish with bold flavours. Its intense meatiness demands a wine with high tannins and an intensity of flavour to cleanse your palate. Serve your pork blade with red wine for the perfect wine pairing.

With Cabernet Sauvignon wines, such as the 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, you can deliver the spicy tannins required to match the intense flavours of the pork blade roast. However, you have a wide choice. If you’re looking to serve something even more intense, you may consider red wines from Rioja, Spain, such as the 2020 Hacienda Lopez de Haro Rioja Crianza. This medium-bodied wine boasts notes of dried herbs and fine tannins that deliver palate-pleasing flavours that work with your pork blade roast.

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Serving delectable, festive dishes guests can dig into this season can be the perfect, indulgent experience. It brings you and your friends or family together in a special, unforgettable get-together that only gets better with the perfect wine pairing. You can make the dining experience extra special this holiday season with an amazing wine.

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