Holiday Wine Gifting Guide: Thoughtful Presents for Wine Lovers

Wine lovers are often choosy when selecting a bottle to indulge in, and holiday wine gifting for your recipient is not easy. With countless gift options and only a few that will match their taste, you’ll need to narrow down your choices to meet their expectations.
Satisfying your recipient is your main goal, so you will need to put a lot of thought into the gift you select for them. If you have ever traipsed the aisles to find a suitable wine-related gift and reached the checkout with an empty cart, you might need some gift ideas. In this holiday wine gifting guide, you’ll find the most thoughtful presents for wine lovers. Discover our top suggestions below.

Why Wine Is Not the Only Best Option

You may be tempted to select a bottle of wine as a gift to please the wine lover in your life. However, there are many reasons why wine is not the only best option. Wine enthusiasts often seek a specific category of wine that meets their personal preferences, or they look to explore and uncork curiosity with unique wines to expand their preferences.
Now, with these specific preferences and expertise, your wine lover may be difficult to please. Wine may be one option, and we will include some top wine options in our list, but it is not your only best option. A wide selection of gadgets, edible gifts, and tools are available, which can put a smile on your recipient’s face.

7 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

To ensure you discover the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast in your life, we have gathered the best items you might want to consider. Here is our list of the seven best gifts for wine lovers.

1. Valtuille Villegas Bierzo 2021

If you are purchasing wine for a red wine lover who enjoys Spanish bottles, look no further than the Valtuille Villegas Bierzo 2021. This subtle and fruity wine contains 100% Mencia grapes and is a medium-bodied extra-dry wine that earned 99 points out of 100 during an expert wine evaluation. Crafted in the Bierzo region of Galicia, Spain, this wine brings all the characteristics of winemaking excellence to the palate.

Source: https://www.wineonline.ca/valtuille-villegas-bierzo-by-bodegas-castro-ventosa-2021.html

2. Mouth-Blown Austrian Universal Crystal Wine Glasses

This set of six mouth-blown Austrian universal crystal wine glasses is the hand-crafted gift your wine lover will appreciate. Weightless and wine-enhancing, these glasses have all the features that make wine drinking a luxurious experience. The perfect curvature and stem ensure the wine’s temperature remains optimized for drinking, so your wine lover can indulge in even the most subtle flavour profiles and wine textures for every glass.

3. Wine Preservation System from Coravin

Aging wine can be a hobby that many wine enthusiasts partake in. If your recipient is keen to preserve wine yet wants to sample the fruits of their labour along the way, a wine preservation system might be the optimum gift. The wine preservation system by Coravin is one option that has worked for still wine preservation over many years.
With this gift, your recipients can pour their aging wine and avoid pulling the cork, giving them a taste of their coveted aging wine before they open it. It is perfectly manufactured to give your recipient the best of both worlds: Wine indulgence and aging.

4. Pivot™ Wine Preservation Stopper

If your recipient needs to reseal a bottle of wine and preserve it for up to four weeks, the Pivot™ wine preservation stopper is ideal. This gift features a pivot stopper device ideal for bottle sealing. It is the perfect alternative to manual re-corking and will ensure the wine retains its quality from the first sip to the last few drops in the bottle.

5. Cabernet Sauvignon Mount Veeder 2017 by Evidence

Exceptional bottles of wine can please wine lovers, and many options are available. With the Cabernet Sauvignon Mount Veeder 2017, you can gift your recipient the subtle aromas of candied orange, Provence herbs, and a fruity flavour profile. This full-bodied wine matures in French oak wine barrels, delivering richness and fine tannins –– qualities that expert sommeliers praised and offered 97 points out of 100. It contains 92% Cabernet Sauvignon grape varietals and 8% Malbec.

6. Electric Corkscrew by Silver Lux™

Opening a bottle of wine does not need to be a manual process for the wine enthusiast in your life. An electric corkscrew can remove the cork in just a few seconds and reduce the effort required to open that prized, quality wine. This electric corkscrew by Silver Lux™ boasts an ergonomic design and applies consistent pressure to seamlessly pierce and remove the cork. Wine lovers will love the time-saving benefits of this gift, which also includes a removable foil cutter.

7. Traditional Handled Decanter by Capuli™

For a unique gift that delivers elegance, you may look beyond gadgets and tools; you might consider a handheld decanter that stands the test of time. The Capuli™ decanter is a hand-blown, traditional decanter that elevates special occasions and makes wine pouring effortless. With this decanter, your recipient can forget about wine spillage or stains when filling each glass.
This gift combines traditional design aesthetics and exceptional function, offering a broad base, a curved handle, and a tilted spout. It will easily hold an entire bottle of wine and enhance the flavour profiles and aroma.

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