Avoid Friday Night LCBO Lines and Plan Ahead

You like the selection found at the local Liquor Control Board of Ontario agency, but there are times when you wish it was easier to get in and out. That’s especially true on a Friday evening when it seems as if everyone is shopping for their favorite wines and other spirits. By employing a few basic strategies, it’s possible to plan ahead and avoid those longer lines. Here are some tips that will help with the planning.

Avoid Friday Night LCBO Lines and Plan Ahead

Make Your List Early

One of the reasons there are such long lines at the local LCBO near King Union in Kitchener is that people wait until the last minute to check their liquor cabinets and decide what needs replenishing. Others may forget about picking up beverages for a Saturday evening party until they finish with work on Friday.

You can beat the rush by taking an inventory the week before. Check the cabinet and see which spirits and wine are beginning to run a little low. Consider how much you will need to restock your supply and have enough on hand for use at home or to entertain any guests who may drop by. With your list prepared well in advance, you can place your order online and have it ready for delivery without having to deal with a long line.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Life doesn’t always happen according to a schedule. That’s one reason you keep a little extra food in the larder. Employ that same approach to keeping your wine and spirits properly stocked.

After you identify what you need in terms of a reasonable supply, take things one step further. Order two or three additional bottles that will come in handy if a last-minute event occurs. Remember that the event does not have to take place at your home. If you are invited to an impromptu party, the ability to reach into your bar and grab a nice bottle of wine to take along as a hostess gift will certainly be appreciated by the host.

Know What’s Kept in Stock at the Local LCBO

How well do you know the inventory at the LCBO near May Arthur? Does it have what you normally like to keep around the house? How long would it take to place a special order?

You may find that picking up some basic items at the LCBO makes sense. Schedule time earlier in the week to do so. Everything else you need can be ordered from a reliable online site and ensure it shows up in plenty of time.

Making use of the local LCBO in Prince Edward or other agency that’s closer to home or your place of employment is nice, but don’t wait too close to the weekend to do your shopping. When you combine online ordering with making your visit to the local agency earlier in the week, you’ll be settling down to enjoy a nice relaxing drink on Friday night instead of standing in a queue.

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