Test of knowledge about vineyards – Champagne

Test your Champagne knowledge!


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Test of knowledge about vineyards - Champagne

Wineonline challenges you with these questions about the Champagne region! 10 questions about this world-renowned region for these sparkling wines. However, do you know some of its specificities? You will know it by consulting your profile!

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How large is the Champagne appellation area?

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What food was it customary to dip in a glass of Champagne?

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What is the capacity of a "Nabuchodonosor" Champagne?

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What are the three grape varieties authorized in the production of Champagne wine?

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What do the bottles traditionally rest on during the so-called riddling process?

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What does the acronym "CIVC" mean?

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Spot the odd one out

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What are the main characteristics of the Champagne terroirs?

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Which Benedictine monk is known to be the "inventor of champagne"?

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Which method is used to obtain the effervescence of champagne?

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