Frecciarossa’s Barbera Perfection!

Le Praielle Barbera dell’Oltrepo Pavese DOC 2017 by Frecciarossa

Le Praielle Barbera dell’Oltrepo Pavese DOC 2017 is a finessed Barbera from Frecciarossa – one of the most historic producers in Lombardy which celebrated its 100th birthday in 2019.

As a fun side note, film director, Alfred Hitchcock drank a few bottles from Frecciarossa during an event at Villa D’Este, a 16th-century villa in Tivoli, close to Rome. Famous for its terraced hillside Italian Renaissance garden and its profusion of fountains, Hitchcock had the good grace to tell winery founder Giorgio Odero, how much he appreciated his wine that evening.

This wine spends 6 months in stainless steel then transferred to French oak barrels to age for 12 months, followed by at least 18 months in the bottle prior to release.

A bottle of Le Praielle Barbera dell'Oltrepo Pavese DOC 2017 by Frecciarossa with a tribute signed by Alfred Hitchcock

What Our Clients Say:

Al – WineOnline Verified Reviewer – 11/29/20
“Great wine. I tried at a restaurant and loved it so much I bought a case.”

Alex N. – WineOnline Verified Buyer – 11/25/20
“Amazing Barbera from Otrepo Pavese and very inexpensive for the quality it offers. Looking forward to purchase more cases”

Michael B. – WineOnline Verified Buyer – 06/28/19
“Nice wine; good value. Worked really well with steak but benefitted from air.”

Paul C. – WineOnline Verified Buyer – 05/01/19
“A super red with a dry cherry finish. This is a really good wine.

Anita M. – WineOnline Verified Buyer – 09/20/18
“Smooth, drinkable, for all tastes. This wine is a winner. My husband likes light french wines, I love big California’s or Italy. This met in the middle and we both loved it. We drank two bottles the first night then invited guests with various tastes and everyone loved this wine!!”

Terrence O. – WineOnline Verified Buyer – 09/20/18
“Good Choice. This is a very well developed wine for the year at a fair price–very smooth and rounded with good depth.”

Photo of wine cellar showing barrels and bottles.

Le Praielle Barbera dell’Oltrepo Pavese DOC 2017 by Frecciarossa: Characteristics

Try rich dark meats, mushrooms, herbs, herbaceous cheeses like blue cheese, higher tannin foods like root vegetables & braised greens. The idea here is that the bright acidity in the wine will make a rich fatty or high protein dish complete.


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