Prince of Prosecco: Bubbly Made by Venetian Royalty

Prosecco Extra Dry Millesimato DOC by Principi di Porcia

Prosecco Extra Dry Millesimato DOC – produced by Principi di Porcia (in English: Princes of Porcia) has been owned and operated by the Brugnera family for 8 centuries. To be making wines for 55 generations is truly EPIC!

Popping open a bottle of Prosecco on a hot day provides a touch of class during balmy evenings at home. Or if you just want to slake your thirst while you catch rays outside, Prosecco is the summer staple you need in your life.

This wine is a knockout for a few reasons:

(1) It’s delicate and fruity.
(2) It’s extra dry and extra fun! The perfect patio sipper.
(3) It’s vintage Prosecco 
(4) It’s made by Venetian royals to boot!

Best of all, this prosecco is priced right – especially at $18.95.

Bottle of Prosecco Extra Dry Millesimato DOC with two women celebrating

This wine is a knockout

Doorway to Principi di Procia winery

Prosecco Extra Dry Millesimato DOC: Characteristics

The wine is a subtle straw yellow with a long-lingering bead of pin-point bubbles. Delicate, fruity, with a refined hint of yeasts on the nose. Truly distinctive for its refined aromatics and exquisite balance. Fun and delicious!


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