Raucous Reds: Unleashing the Wild Side of Wine

Red wines, with a virtually endless assortment of blended red grape varieties, are full-bodied wine types that are rich and flavoursome. This fruity and full-bodied beverage comes in a set of varieties – so, with the many red wine types available, it is likely there are some raucous reds that you have not sampled.
Rare raucous reds and red wines generally match exceptionally well with specific food types. However, it is not easy to pair them with food if you have never sampled them before.
So, what are some of the raucous red wines you might not have heard of, and how can you fully appreciate their flavours when you match them with your dishes? This article explores the rarer red wines you can sample with your delicious platefuls.

Which Types of Grape Variety Are Added to Red Wines, and what Flavour do they Add?

There are many main types of red grape varieties to choose from that winemakers add to red wine, including Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. And we should not forget the other popular grape variety – Merlot. What these red grape varieties add to red wines are distinct, rich, and deep flavours. When winemakers complete the blending process, the red grape varieties can enhance balance or create complexity.
Now, winemakers include grape skins and seeds during the initial fermentation process. When the winemakers crush the Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, or Merlot grapes, the skin gives the wine its texture, can boost colour or aromatics, and enhance flavour.
Cabernet Sauvignon, for example, offers a dark fruit cassis flavour. It has hints of spice, vanilla, and wood (originating from the wooden barrels). Pinot Noir adds notes of stewed fruit and cherry flavours to red wines, while Merlot tastes of plum and black cherry.

2 Rules to Consider when Matching Red Wines with Delicious Dishes

There are a couple of rules to consider to successfully match red wines with delicious dishes. Raucous reds not only have a specific texture but also hints of background flavours from the wine production process. In light of these characteristics, consider the following rules when selecting red wines with your food:

  1. Medium-bodied raucous reds work with rich meats: If you select medium-bodied red wine, remember that the wine’s mouthfeel will complement rich meats. The texture may be too strong for delicate white fish or seafood, which is generally why experts match red wine with red meats.
  2. Background notes may complement specific cooking processes: Raucous red wine may feature background notes such as smokiness from the wine barrels. This smokiness pairs exceptionally well with specific cooking processes like roasting or barbecuing. It works as a complementary flavour that satisfies the palate.

With these rules, you can select the best raucous red wines with meats, roasted vegetables, and delicious sauces.

Which Types of Food Should You Match with Red Wines?

Our experts note that specific food types marry remarkably well with red wines, including red meats and cured meats. You can also pair red wines with cheeses, bread, and plates of pasta since the fruity flavour notes and rich, deep texture combine perfectly.
What makes this combination work is the contrast of small amounts of finer tannins with delicate-textured meats. Studies show that acidity and tannins enhance the mouthfeel of red wine, creating a pleasant texture in the mouth as you eat your delicious dish.
Since the richness of rare reds can also cut through meats high in fat, such as duck, avocado, or beef, they are excellent options to pair your wine with. They are also naturally high in acidity, which complements these dishes well.

What Are Some Examples of Overlooked and Well-Known Red Wines You Should Sample?

Since many popular, well-known red wines are available, a few are underrated and overlooked options. Nonetheless, it is well worth sampling some underrated red wines and well-known options. We have explored four red wines that you should consider, just here.

Rioja Gran Reserva Spain

The Rioja Gran Reserva is a red wine often underrated, yet it will surprise and amaze with its richness and exceptional mouthfeel. This red wine for special occasions will marry perfectly with lamb stews, roasted pheasant, or duck confit dishes, and its flavour will not disappoint.Blended by winemakers in the Rioja region of Spain, the Rioja Gran Reserva evokes tastes of spices, dates, vanilla and chocolate. It is a delight for the palate, with a rich aftertaste that lingers pleasantly on the tongue.
The optimum way to pair the Rioja Gran Reserva red wine with food is to match it with bold-flavoured meats. With its slight bitterness, this red wine will lend itself well to meats that contain high fat, giving the palate a refresher after each mouthful. You may also consider matching the Rioja Gran Reserva with the sauce you prepare with your meat. A sauce that is tomato-based, for example, will work well with a medium-bodied Rioja Gran Reserva wine.

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Zinfandel Red Wine – The Outsider 2019

Frequently overlooked red wine types include the rich, flavoursome bottles that include the Zinfandel grape varieties from California, and The Outsider 2019 is one example. This bottle contains 74% Zinfandel grape and has a hint of pleasant aniseed background flavours. This grape variety provides an even fruitier taste than the Cabinet grape, which makes it an ideal match for barbecued meats. Their black pepper, cranberry, and smoky notes combine with the smokiness of meats cooked outdoors, providing an indulgent flavour.
Of course, one of the best methods to combine Zinfandel red wines with dishes is to consider its background notes. Just as the smokiness works with outdoor cooked meats, it will also match roasted vegetables. If you also consider that The Outsider 2019 is a medium-bodied wine, you will notice that it also effortlessly matches rich sauces.

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Carillo Pinot Nero Oltrepo Pavese Doc

Carillo Pinot Nero Oltrepo Pavese wine is one of the delicious raucous reds that house spicy notes, medium-bodied texture, and aromas of wild berries. With this in mind, the simplest way to match it with delectable dishes is to consider the way the aromas of this red wine match rich red meats.Since it is medium-bodied, it will also work perfectly with meats such as roasted veal and suckling pig, particularly due to the mouthfeel that complements the meat’s succulence.
This red wine also works well with duck breast and sauces, so you may consider matching it with a duck confit dish to enhance the tenderness of the meat. One extra rule to consider if you pair this wine with a pasta dish: consider the sauce you have prepared with the pasta and match the wine to this instead. For example, if some ingredients in your pasta sauce include tart, hard cheeses and mushrooms, red wine will match this well.

Essentiel Merlot

Merlot is a world-renowned red wine with a smooth, soft mouthfeel and an intense, deep colour. Its blackberry and cherry notes complement smoky meats perfectly, so this wine will work well with barbecued meats. If you are roasting vegetables or meats, a bottle of Essentiel Merlot will also complement these flavours, especially, as studies suggest, due to the oak chips in the barrels winemakers use to produce the wine.
The Essentiel Merlot pairs well with roasted veal and ham and will linger pleasantly on the tongue due to the texture-enhancing tannins. You will also detect spiced scents in this red wine, waking up your tastebuds.

Discover a Red Wine Variety that Creates a Complementary Flavour with Your Dish from Wine Online

Discovering a raucous red wine to match your delectable dish can be simple. At Wine Online, you will find the most well-known varieties and lesser-known red wines that will provide rich, intense flavours. Explore our excellent red wine variety to find a raucous red that builds in the mouth and creates indulgent tastes, aromas and textures.

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