Wine Pairing : Merlot Central Coast by Ryder Estate 2015 for barbecue

Weather is better, that give us the good excuse to make a barbecue. Yes, I am sure your agree, It’s time to fire up the grill! But what type of wine is best to pair with those foods you’re cooking on the barbie?

If you love Merlot, it would be almost impossible not to fall in love with this wine as the 2015 Ryder Merlot is about as perfect an example of what Cali Merlot can be that we’re aware of. No wonder clients continue to clamber for it, and more often than not, it is out of stock.

The previous vintage scored 95 points and won best of Class of Region at the California State Fair International Wine Competition.

Scheid Family

A family focus is on quality

Scheid (producers of Ryder Estate grown wines) has the largest vineyard holdings in California. They save all the best grapes and juice for their own brands. Examples are Ryder and Craftwork, and ensure that their wines deliver unprecedented quality for the prices they charge. Yes, there is nobody that competes with these guys on a quality to price ratio level.

The more we get to know about the Scheid Family, the more we hear about how they do it right from start to finish. Their focus is on quality, but all the family members that work in the business have all been to school for, or worked in business or finance. The Scheid’s have a good understanding of business as well as winemaking. They price their wines accessibly ensuring ample demand.

Merlot Central Coast by Ryder Estate 2015

Barbecue time

The Ryder Merlot will work very well with a steak & braised lamb, or with countless other dishes with big, bold flavours. You will definitively enjoy this wine pairing!

Where to find this red wine?
Merlot Central Coast by Ryder Estate 2015

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