Wine Anarchy: Embracing Unconventional Tastes

Wine anarchy opens palates up to unique flavours. It is the best way to celebrate unconventional tastes by pairing unfamiliar flavour notes with delicious dishes and challenging the ordinary. With wine anarchy, you venture beyond traditional tastes and embrace a new marriage of aromas and palate-enriching hints that are truly unique.

Which unconventional wines should you consider as a wine enthusiast, and how can you enjoy their unique flavours? Keep reading as we explore some of the best, lesser-known wines that will open your palate to unfamiliar yet indulgent flavours.

What is an Unconventional Wine?

An unconventional wine is a wine created with alternative grape varieties or unique winemaking methods, such as freezing grapes or using dried grapes. These wines offer unique flavours that are lesser known than the classic, common wines readily available in stores.

Some of the non-traditional grape varieties winemakers use to create uncommon wines include:

  • Airén
  • Bombino blanco
  • Ferñao-Pires
  • Emir
  • Torrontés Riojano

2 Reasons You Need To Try Unconventional Wines

As a wine enthusiast, it’s a good idea to try different wines just for the excitement of indulging in remarkable flavours. Yet, there are two other key reasons you should consider non-traditional wines instead of classics such as Cabernet franc.

Non-Traditional Wines & Food Pairing

Many wine enthusiasts consider food and wine pairing an easy task. For instance, you may know that red wine works perfectly with meat, and white wine or sparkling wine are good options for fish. However, if you dare to pair unique, non-traditional wines with your dishes you can celebrate uncommon flavours. If you want to embrace uncommon white wines to unleash new flavour pairings with seafood, for example, you may need to consider non-traditional wine options.

Orange wine and rosé wine are just some examples of unconventional wines you may consider pairing with seafood for exotic flavour matches. They may be unexpected combinations, but they offer a satisfying flavour that awakens your tastebuds. One reason to sample uncommon wines is the thrill of discovering these palate-cleansing and exciting food and wine pairings. It provides an unexpected yet flavoursome combination with delicious food.

Experience a Variety of Wine Excellence with Friends

Sampling a variety of wines is beneficial and can make your evening with friends enjoyable. As you experience the excellent quality and taste of non-traditional wines, you allow your guests to enjoy a new variety. You can take an enjoyable evening to the next level, transforming it into a remarkable experience with unconventional wines.

Trying lesser-known wines is also ideal for giving wine recommendations. The more uncommon wines you sample, the greater your knowledge of wine varieties and the easier it will be to identify which wines to recommend to your guests. From dry whites and sweet wine to wines with red fruit flavours, full-bodied wines, and black-fruited wines, there are many unconventional wines to try and recommend.

What Are Some Types of Uncommon Wines?

For flavours that go beyond the traditional, orange wine, ice wine, and amarone wine are some of our wine expert’s top recommendations. We looked at these examples of unconventional wine, how you can enjoy them in the comfort of your home, and how to embrace the daring flavour combinations they offer.

Orange Wine

Winemakers create orange wine by leaving the seeds and skin in contact with the juice to create a fuller-bodied wine. Its deep flavour is similar to red wine, but its refreshing notes are similar to white wine. Though made from white grapes, orange wine has an amber colour and winemakers craft it in many regions around the globe.

The easiest way to enjoy orange wine is to consider that its tannins can be bitter and acidic. These characteristics can be unpleasant to the palate, especially when you serve the wine cold. The darker the orange wine, the more tannins it may have. Therefore, if you notice that your orange wine has a dark hue, you might enjoy it more when you serve it at or below room temperature.

Orange wine, such as the White Orange Wine Niagara Peninsula VQA, offers a unique flavour pairing with strong cheeses and white meat dishes. It boasts apricot and apple aromas that add light and fruity notes to cleanse the palate, but its versatility is its strong feature. Match it with various seafood or white meats to enjoy the depth of flavour.



Ice Wine

Ice wine is a sweet and fruity uncommon wine mainly produced in Canada. Winemakers create this wine from grapes on the vine that they freeze during production. This method causes the moisture to evaporate from the grapes and leaves behind a concentrated juice.

Since ice wine is sweet, it’s the ideal post-meal beverage but can provide a unique flavour pairing with desserts that is not for the faint hearted. If you’re sampling ice wine for the first time, remember to sip it and avoid it touching your tongue’s tip. You can then take larger sips and incorporate air into the sip to detect the full flavours of the wine. The sip will linger on your palate, infusing your senses with its sweetness and texture.

Ice wine varieties, including the Riesling Icewine VQA 375ml, offer an intense richness you can enjoy with cheesecakes, tarte tatin or dishes with sweet notes, such as pâté. You can also enjoy this wine’s flavours by serving it cool, leaving it to chill for a couple of hours in the fridge.

Amarone Wine

The production process of Amarone wine involves using partially dry grapes. Winemakers complete a wine aging process that lasts two years, which contains grape varieties such as Corvina. Sometimes the aging process can take longer, but it typically happens in oak containers.

Enjoying new flavour combinations with this wine is an exciting experience, but you should brace your palate for its higher alcohol content, which is best enjoyed at slightly less than room temperature. If the wine is too cold, the tannins may be slightly bitter. You can make the most of unique food flavour pairings with this delicious wine by matching it with fruity desserts or roasted vegetables.

For example, you may consider the Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico DocG and dare to enjoy the uncommon flavour marriage of plums and vanilla with your red meat and vegetable dish.

Source: https://www.wineonline.ca/amarone-della-valpolicella-classico-docg-by-ca-del-monte-2015.html

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