1st Day of Summer. 94 Point Spectacular White From Spain @ $21.95/Bottle. Does it Get Better? Make Sure You Stock Up Before LCBO Strike.

The most interesting wine in the world!? You will not find anything better at this price.


94 points – Gilbert & Gaillard 2017

Bottle Price : $21.95

Case Price : $263.40

Winery : Astobiza

Wine Region : Alava (Spain), Spain (Spain)

Bottle Per Case : 12 x 750 ml

Food Pairing : Breads, Cured Meat, Rich Fish, Soft Cheese, White Meat

Clean and bright. Straw yellow colour with shades of green. Intense varietal aromas, with overtones of white fruit, (pear and apple), citrus fruit (grapefruit), and stone fruit (peach). Fresh in mouth, lively, balanced and long, with a persistent aromatic and mineral finish.

When it comes to white wine, we get really excited. We search the world high and low for wines that are great. The Astobiza is a find that we are so excited to share. We can’t imagine a better wine for the Summer season. The blend of citrus fruit, peach and apple/pear flavours is unique and about as good as anything i can imagine. It is awfully hard for me to put it up for sale as i am guessing it will disappear in no time flat.

The Astobiza is a wine from the Basque country in the North part of Spain up by the coast. It never gets too hot ensuring that the wines stay nice and fresh. If you love white wine, you really do not want to miss this one.

The LCBO strike approaches. There is not a lot of time remaining between now, and as some have referred to it, D-Day. This is no laughing matter. Not being able to shop for liquor during the summer seems like a very unfair and unacceptable predicament. I understand the issues being contemplated are important, but it is no fun for the rest of us. At 12:01AM on June 26th, there is a reasonable chance that access to liquor for Ontario residents may be cut off. I, for one, have made sure that my cellar is well stocked. This is something you will really want to consider. Don’t be forced in to a dry summer, (pun intended).

Today is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the official 1st day of Summer. For many, it is a must to have a few cases of great white wine kicking around. This does not mean you need to spend an arm and a leg on these wines, as there is plenty of amazing white around at very fair prices, especially wines from Southern Europe. The Astobiza is flat out amazing. The 2016 Lopez de Haro Blanco is crazy good for a wine at $14.95 and then there is the ever popular Pinot Grigio from Fontamara @ $12.95/bottle.

Have you been waiting for an excuse to try out WineOnline.ca? The pending LCBO strike might make the perfect time as you should probably stock up on wine. My guess is once you have experienced the quality, convenience, helpful service and detailed information on each and every wine available at WineOnline.ca, you will have a hard time going back to the antiquated trips to the store which tend to take more of your precious time than is palatable.

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Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Gold Medal – Baco Wine Awards 2017
Best Value White Wine – Wines from Spain Awards 2016 (2015 Vintage)

Bottle Price : $14.95

Case Price : $179.40

Winery : Bodega Classica

Wine Region : Rioja (Spain), Spain (Spain)

Bottle Per Case : 12 x 750 ml

Food Pairing : Breads, Cured Meat, Rich Fish, Soft Cheese, White Meat


Bottle Price : $12.95

Case Price : $155.40

Winery : Fontamara

Wine Region : Abruzzo (Italy), Italy (Italy)

Bottle Per Case : 12 x 750 ml

Food Pairing : Breads, Cured Meat, Rich Fish, Soft Cheese, Vegetables, White Meat

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