‘Masterpiece’ Malbec

Claroscuro Malbec by Bodega de Arte 2018

If you are a fan of rich and polished reds this masterpiece Claroscuro Malbec by Bodega de Arte 2018 is a stunning value – 90 Points sub $23. What we love about Mendoza is that you can find wines that deliver incomparable value-for-dollar made by some of the most brilliant winemakers in the southern hemisphere.

This red is a great score!

Bodega Claroscuro is family run winery that was born in 2012 while its founders were touring the Uco Valley. They fell in love with this region because of its slopes and views of the Andes.

A bottle of Claroscuro Malbec by Bodega de Arte stands in front of old wooden logs, with the Claroscuro vineyards visible in the distance.

As an “Art Winery”, owners Gustavo and Paula Cucchiara believe that winemaking is as much an art as painting. Choosing artwork to express the flavour, tranquility or vitality of their wines for each label, Bodega de Arte’s ambition is to mirror fine art with fine wine, and use wine to enhance the enjoyment of art.

Claroscuro Malbec by Bodega de Arte 2018: Characteristics

The Claroscuro Malbec is gorgeously soft and oozes decadent ripe plums and blackberries topped off with dark chocolate and oregano. It’s spent 9 months in oak (85% French, 15% American) and comes from a vineyard in Vistaflores in the Tunuyán area of the Uco Valley which sits at 1054 meters or 3428 feet above sea level. This altitude gives fantastically mature fruit flavors and smooth tannins thanks to the extra UV radiation, while retaining excellent acidity to provide balance to all that jammy fruit. 

This wine is intense violet red in colour. Soft and round, persistent in the mouth, and an ideal match for anything your grill has to offer.

90 points – Michael Godel, WineAlign, Sept 2020

A picturesque scenery with the Claroscuro Bodega de Arte along the horizon and vineyards in the foreground, as the sun sets behind the clouds projecting strong rays through the sky.


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